The Single Shot Story

Single Shot is a brand for the quirky, eclectic, and creatively curious to collide in a symphony of style for the modern connoisseur of culture and art! If you’re reading this, you probably love syncretic culture, riveting stories, and ingenious art and we think this is a story you’ll dig.

In 2022, we launched Single Shot as an aggregator publishing platform with our trailblazer Khagam, the first graphic novel adaptation of a short story by Satyajit Ray. Soon we launched a series of merchandise clever enough to initiate witty banter or fetch a compliment from a fellow fan of culture and quirk. There’s been no looking back since then.

The story of Single Shot starts with Grinning Tree, its design partner and parent company. Grinning Tree is a collaborative design collective rooted in Kolkata, India that extends its creative reach globally.

Since 2004, we have been navigating across diverse mediums, through projects and collaborations that transcend boundaries. Our approach is anchored in weaving meaning and symbols, establishing a thoughtful framework for every endeavour.

Throughout our journey, we have created several high-performing intellectual properties for our clients but have always wanted to craft something for ourselves. Something that would reflect our love for our culture, storytelling, and visual arts. That’s how Single Shot was conceived.

The name ‘Single Shot’ reflects our love for coffee which we sip while brewing a storm at our desks. Like the rich crema settling down in a freshly pressed cup of coffee, we aim to churn out products that are the creme de la creme of the niche. We want to celebrate our love for local culture, visual aesthetics, and gripping stories one shot at a time.

Our design philosophy thrives on engaging discourses, weaving narratives from the rich tapestry of culture. The stories, voices, and visuals we encounter become the lifeblood of our creations, imbuing them with depth and resonance.

We want to cultivate a space for freelancers and free thinkers, fostering a refuge for creative exploration. As an aggregator, we welcome modern troubadours to leverage our platform to tell the stories they’ve always wanted.

The plan is to create a community of artists, poets, bards, and craftsmen, standing tall amidst the onslaught of visual monotony. We want to carve a niche, ensuring that our creations linger in the minds of those who encounter them, defying the mundane and leaving a lasting impact.

Art etymologically stems from the Latin word ‘ars’ which means skilled labour. However, in the diachronic dilapidation of society artists are becoming increasingly alienated from their artwork. We want artists to reclaim their love for their labour and raise a toast to it.

Through our celebration of local culture, stories, and artists we hope to reclaim the emancipatory characteristics of art. We plan to keep articulating with art, our lingua franca because that’s what we do best.

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