Wrap yourself in culture and quirk!

Welcome to our literary circus, where we juggle words, craft curious collectables, and turn imagination into ink-on-paper reality! We are whimsical wizards. We not only write, re-tell, edit, and design jaw-dropping in-house books but also brew up a storm of creativity in every cup of coffee we sip.

Smitten by graphics, design, and illustration, we craft mesmerizing merchandise with a tale to narrate. Dive into a kaleidoscope of stories told through visuals that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Not just satisfied with our own ink-stained dreams, we’ve opened the floodgates to a myriad of voices! We also curate and sell books from other publishing realms on our platform.

Grinning Tree LLP is our exclusive design partner. A design collective based in Kolkata, India, but available anywhere in the world, they design through discourse, using the narratives that are already present in culture. These stories, voices, and visuals become the heart of the creatives that they make amidst the increasingly mundane bombardment of visuals that pass by without leaving any impact.

So, whether you’re a word-weaver, an art admirer, or just someone seeking a good read and a snazzy mug, come one, come all! We’re the dreamers, the schemers, and the purveyors of all things creatively chaotic.
Embrace the madness!

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